Top things to do in Con Dao island – Vietnam for a 2-day trip

Con Dao (C?n ??o) island?is a small island of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.?Traveling to Con Dao, especially during summer time, you will get to enjoy the freshness of tropical island and the endless deep blue water. Wanna know what interesting to do there, keep on reading!

Top things to do in Con Dao island - Vietnam
Top things to do in Con Dao island – Vietnam

How to get to Con Dao island

Con Dao?is an offshore island so there’re just 2 ways to get there: by air or ship.?

Things to do in Can Tho – Vietnam. What to in Can Tho for a 2-day trip

Can Tho (C?n Th?), one of the 5 biggest cities in Vietnam,?is a rich land endowed by nature.?Visiting Can Tho,?you get to see the famous?Cai Rang floating market and enjoy hand picking fruit from?luxuriant gardens?all year round. Summer is the blooming season of all kinds of fruit in?Southern Vietnam.?

Especially, if you arrive in Can Tho on?full moon days (12th and 4th) of the lunar month, you will be joining in?Thuong Dien (L? Th??ng ?i?n)?and?Ha Dien festival (L? H? ?i?n), 2 of the 3 biggest festivals in Mekong Delta.?

To support you on a perfect trip, here are some of?my experiences, tips and top things to do in Can Tho – Vietnam. Keep reading and take some note!

Top things to do in Can Tho - Vietnam
Top things to do in Can Tho – Vietnam

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What to do in Can Gio for a one-day trip?

C?n Gi??is a coastal district of Ho Chi Minh city, 50 km (32 miles) form the city center.?Can Gio tourism?is famous for its intact mangroves and pristine beaches without many rather-touristy services.?Also, the seafood here is cheaper than in?Vung Tau?(a more popular beach near Ho Chi Minh city). Though the sea is not crystal blue due to the water outflux from?mangrove but not too bad to jump in. Ideal for a one-day getaway weekend!

Things to do in Can Gio island - Ho Chi Minh city
Things to do in Can Gio island – Ho Chi Minh city

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Travel guide: Nam Du island – A pristine archipelago

Nam Du is a small archipelago?(near?Phu Quoc island) of?Kien Giang?(a province in Mekong Delta). The largest island is?Hon Lon (Large Islet), locally called Cu Tron islet.?Nam Du tourism?is at its early stage so everything is?still pristine and natural. Following are some my informations and experiences for?travelling to Nam Du island.

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Nam Du island - Vietnam travel guide
Nam Du islands – Vietnam travel guide

How to get to to Nam Du island

Basically,?way to get Nam Du?is similar to Phu Quoc. You have to get to Rach Gia from Ho Chi Minh by bus (take about 6 hours) then take?the boat.

Travel guide: Ha Tien, Vietnam – Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days

Ha Tien (Hà Tiên)?is a border town (close to Cambodia) of Kien Giang province. Ha Tien is famous for Mui Nai beach and historical stories about?Khai Tran Quoc Cong Mac Cuu,?who explored?Ha Tien land?400 years ago. From Ha Tien, you can get to?Phu Quoc,?combine travelling to many places in Kien Giang, Rach Gia city or Nam Du island.?

In this article, I’m going to provide the informations and experiences to help you have?an overview about?Ha Tien tourism.

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Ha Tien Vietnam travel guide - Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days
Ha Tien Vietnam travel guide – Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days

Travel guide: Ben Tre, Mekong Delta Vietnam – The land of Coconut

Ben Tre?is a province in?Mekong Delta, also known as?Land of Coconut. Located at?the end of Mekong river, it possesses a dense network of canals and immense coconut gardens. Additionally, Ben Tre also has many other fruits gardens scattered all around,?mostly concentrated in Cho Lach?(Ch? Lách) and?Chau Thanh?(Chau Thành) district.?

The Land of Coconut is a good chance to get really local by engaging in local eco-tourism activities, staying at local houses and enjoying the life on water. You can either spend 1 to 2 days or combine Tien Giang for 3 days

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Ben Tre - Vietnam travel guide
Ben Tre – Vietnam

Travel guide: An Giang in Mekong Delta, Vietnam – The Seven-mountain land

Traveling to?Mekong Delta,?you shouldn’t skip An Giang, which is called?Seven-mountain land?(Th?t S?n or B?y Núi). An Giang is a very special land with massive mountains in the Mekong Delta. The most famous is?Sam mountain?where Ba Chua Xu temple (??n Bà Chúa X?) is located, and?Cam mountain?(núi C?m) with the biggest Maitreya Buddha statue in Asia.?

Some must-see beauty spots of An Giang include?Tra Su melaleuca forest?(r?ng tràm Trà S?), which is the home of various birds, the immense?Sky Lake?(Búng Bình Thiên) covered with the yellow of Dien Dien flowers,?Vinh Te canal?with busy traffic during the flood season. Moreover, An Giang also has many cultural attractions, such as mosques and pagodas of Khmer’s architecture. Besides, visiting An Giang, visitors may have chance to enjoy the?cow race festival.

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An Giang in Mekong Delta - Vietnam
An Giang in Mekong Delta – Vietnam

Travel guide: Tien Giang, Vietnam – Kingdom of Tropical Fruits

Tien Giang?and some other provinces in Mekong Delta are famous for their large fruit farms or you can just call them gardens, floating markets and beautiful nature. When traveling ?to Tien Giang, you should also visit Ben Tre as these provinces are very close together.

Ben Tre is known as the?coconut kingdom?in Vietnam due to its endless coconut farms. During the war, Ben Tre was the cradle of Vietnam?revolutionary uprising.?

In this article, I will provide some information related to?My Tho (the center of Tien Giang province). And I will introduce Ben Tre in another article.

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Tien Giang Vietnam travel - Things to do in Tien Giang
Things to do in Tien Giang – Vietnam

Top things to do in Phu Quoc – The Pearl Island of Vietnam

Phu Quoc?(Phú Qu?c ), also known under the name?Pearl island,?is biggest island of Vietnam?and is a district of Kien Giang.?Phu Quoc is famous for beautiful sea, beaches, primary forests and ancient fishing villages. This island is an ideal destination of Vietnam. Following is my tips, experiences and top things to do in Phu Quoc island – VIetnam.?

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Top things to do in Phu Quoc island - Vietnam
Phu Quoc island – Vietnam

Top things to do on Phu Quoc island

There are 3 main tourism areas in Phu Quoc:?Northern,?Southern?and?Western.?Usually, visitors to Phu Quoc will spend 3 days to visit these areas.


Western part is Duong Dong town, the first place you see when coming to Phu Quoc.

The first site?you should visit is?Dinh Cau?(Dinh C?u), a very sacred temple with the locals.

Next is?Ham Ninh fishing village.?This is an ancient village with rustic and?pristine?cottages. You?may?also buy fresh seafoods and enjoy them on beach when ships of fishermen just docked.

Ham Ninh fishing village in Phu Quoc
Ham Ninh fishing village

After visiting Ham Ninh village, if it’s not yet dark, let’s visit?Cuoi Nguon museum,?where stories and legends about Phu Quoc island are kept.

In the evening, try out the bustling?Dinh Cau night market?and eat famous specialties of this island.


The famous attractions in Southern Island is?Phu Quoc prison?(Nhà tù Phú Qu?c ). The prison was restored to be a museum, with wondrous statues about?scenes of?torturing prisoners.?

Tranh stream?(Su?i Tranh ), rooted from Ham Ninh mountain, has beautiful scene and cool air like Dalat city.

Top things to do in Phu Quoc island - Vietnam
Painting stream

Khem beach?(B?i Khem ) is surrounded by mountains. This is a beautiful beach of Phu Quoc with blue sea and a long stretch of sand coast.

Next?destinations?in Southern are?Kingdom of pepper?(V??ng Qu?c h? tiêu ),?Fish sauce barrel houses, which produces millions of litters of fish sauce every year. I’m sure, you will be overwhelmed by the massive barrel systems; and?Pearl farms, which produces famous pearls of Phu Quoc.


Northern area of the island owns?Phu Quoc National park?(V??n qu?c gia Phú Qu?c), which has the most beautiful beaches of the island, along with other pristine landscape:

Ham Rong mountain?(Núi Hàm R?ng ),?Ganh Dau beach?(Gành D?u ),?Cua Can?(C?a C?n, an?estuary).?

Top things to do in Phu Quoc island - Vietnam
Ganh Dau

Bai Dai beach?(B?i Dài), the most beautiful beach of Phu Quoc.?

Da Ngon?(su?i ?á Ng?n ), Da Ban?stream?(su?i ?á Bàn) with beautiful waterfalls

Finally,?Nguyen Trung Truc temple,?the end of my northern journey, is where the locals commemorate a great hero of country.?

Bai Sao beach in Phu Quoc
Bai Sao beach

My advice:?You should rent a motorbike to visit all attractions in Phu Quoc and make sure to fill up gasoline if travelling the Northern area.

For motorbikes, you may rent in your hotel or contact:?Mr. Thanh,?+84918.579.218, very enthusiastic, price is also ok. ?Mr. Minh,?+8498.384.6982.?Mr. Duc,?+8498.5034.111

Or for?renting car,?contact?Mr. Huy?+84168.8880.608

How to get?to Phu Quoc island

There are 2 ways:

1. By plane.?

You may go from Ha Noi or Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city ).?

– From Sai Gon to Phu Quoc.?There are 6 – 10 trips every day. Fares are from $50 to $70.?

– From Ha Noi, airfares are from $150 to $250, depending on season.

Planes to Phu Quoc also have cheap fares, but you have to keep your eyes out for promotion or book a few months beforehand.?

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Phu Quoc view from plane
Phu Quoc view from Plane

2. By road and waterway.?

This way is very complex.?

– First,?from Sai Gon, you will get to Rach Gia by bus. If going at night, you will arrive at 5am. Then, catch a taxi or motor-taxi to the dock.?

Notes:??Try to remember the number of your bus as it will stop a few times for break during the ride and there are many similar buses around at the stop.?

Best taxis in Rach Gia:

Mai Linh:?+848 3929 2929

Phuong Trang:?+848 3833 3468

– Second.?Usually, ships go to Phu Quoc leave at 8am and 1pm, taking from 2h30 to 3h depending on the weather.

Two ship firms:

– Superdong ship. Add: 14 – Tu Do street, near the dock. Phone:?+8477.877.742 – +8477.877.741. Fare is $15/adult.

Superdong ship to Phu Quoc
Superdong ship

– Shavanna ship. Add: 12 Tu Do street – Rach Gia, near the dock. Phone:?+84773.692.888. Fares: : $15/adult and $10/child.?

Hotels and motels in Phu Quoc

1. Kim Thanh Nga hotel in region 7 (khu ph? 7) – block 20 – Duong Dong town is $18 to $25. Fine room, good hotelier. $7 for taxi from airport to the hotel.?

2. Hong Tuyet hotel is at 14 – Bach Dang street – Duong Dong. Near the Duong Dong night market, and dock of?night?squid fishing.?

3. Sea Breeze hotel?is very clean?and spacious with balcony overlooking the sea. Prices from $18 to $43. The hotel is located on Tran Hung Dao street. Phone?+8477 399 4920?

4. Hiep Thoai hotel?on Tran Hung Dao street is in the town center. Phone:?+8477.398.1060. I don’t know its exact price, but for sure it’s affordable, you may call to check the prices.?

5. Huong Giang?bungalow hotel. I really like this hotel. It includes 16 bungalows, located in bustling area of Phu Quoc and only 5 minutes walk ?from beach. Prices from $25 to $30. I’m pretty sure you will like it too.

Huong Giang bungalow hotel
I like Huong Giang bungalow hotel

Some cheap motels in Phu Quoc

6. Thien Vy motel?at 6 – Ly Thuong Kiet, near Phu Quoc ariport.?

7. Oc Dao motel?has very cheap price?at only$10. Phone?+8498.2111.232.?

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What and where to eat in Phu Quoc

In Duong Dong town (western island)Breakfast restaurants:?

Top things to do in Phu Quoc island
Top things to do in Phu Quoc island

1. Le Giang restaurant?is near the traffic circle of night market. This is familiar breakfast place of groups tourist.?

2. Quoc Anh?on 30/4 street, near Thang Long hotel. I don’t try yet but some my friends said it’s good.?

3. Banh canh cha ca?is a popular restaurant close to Thang Long hotel. If you want to watch the streets and enjoy taste of the local, let’s come here.?

4. Breakfast buffet?at Huong Bien hotel. You may call the hotel to book breakfast.?

Other restaurants:?

5. Vuon Tao?(V??n táo ) is my favorite. They have raw herring, which is the pride of Phu Quoc cuisine. Other restaurant also have this dish, but here is best. You should drop by this restaurant during daytime, because it’s quite distant from the center of the town so?deserted?in night.?

Herring salad of Phu Quoc
Raw Herring – A famous specialty of Phu Quoc

6. Zen?is a luxurious restaurant on 30/4 street. Cool campus and professional staffs. This restaurant also serves breakfast.?

7. Song Xanh restaurant?has nice view, overlooking Duong Dong river.?

8. Trung Duong?has good prices.?

9. Huong Bien?restaurant?is located on terrace of?Huong Bien hotel, which has a very impressive sea view. This is ideal place for dinner.?

10. Ngheu So Oc Hen?and?Nghe So restautants?serve seafoods at reasonable prices.?

11. Dinh Cau night market?has many restaurants close together and prices are also average. Let’s enjoy a very Phu Quoc cuisine style.?

what to do in Phu Quoc island Vietnam
Coi Bien Mai salt and chili grilled

12. Gia Tuong?is the only restaurant in Phu Quoc that does not have seafoods but serves specialties from Phu Quoc forest instead.?

In southern

12. Sao beach club?is a new restaurant with nice view and good service. You may rent hammocks or chairs to eat on the beach.?

In Northern?

13.?Mai Phuong?restaurant on Vung Bau (V?ng B?u ) beach has over 10 bungalow.?

14. Bien Hai Quan?on Ganh Dau.?

Phu Quoc – Pearl island of Vietnam. Attractions and specialties

Phu Quoc – Vietnam, Pearl Island

Phu Quoc?is known as the pearl island, it wins many tourists’ favours to be called “the heaven on earth”. the island is the largest island in Vietnam, formed in Kien Giang Province, located in the Southwest of the country, being about 120km from Rach Gia.

Phu Quoc island?has cool weather all the year with an average temperature of around 28 degrees Celsius, a tropical monsoon climate ?which is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Gifted the beautiful weather, calm sea, and a few rainy days,… Phu Quoc is the ideal destination for those who are planing to go travel somewhere fantasic.

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Phu Quoc island - Vietnam
Phu Quoc island – Vietnam