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25 best hotels in Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat is such a cool getaway from the tropical heat. To make your trip even more unforgettable, here are my review for the 25 best hotels in Dalat, out of 200 hotels in the Dream City. The list includes budget to moderate and upscale options.

Here we go.

I. 1-star hotels in Dalat

1. Dalat Flower hotel

Rates from $10 – $39

The Dalat Flower’s staffs are enthusiastic and very friendly. They are willing to guide you in detail about Dalat tourism. Rooms are clean, cool and fragrant, especially cleaned many times a day, which is rare for hotels of this range. The hotel is in the city center, closed to Dalat market, Xuan Huong lake so it’s very convenient for travelling.?

Dalat Flower hotel
Dalat Flower hotel

The only con of Dalat Flower is that it’s located in a small alley so you should not go back to the hotel too late at night.?

For me, this hotel is excellent in quality for that price when compared to other 1-star hotels (even 2-star) in Dalat.?

Travel guide: Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen Vietnam travel guide for 3 days

Phu Yen?is a coastal province in?South-Central Vietnam, located on 1A highway – the most important route from North to South of Vietnam. Bestowed with unparalleled?coastline and?spectacular geographic structures, Phu Yen has gain significant popularity among local travellers, especially after one of the movies was casted here. Grand, Peaceful and so many Shades of Green and Blue. Here are some things and recommended itinerary to catch up once you’re there!

Tuy Hoa city of Phu Yen - Vietnam travel guide
Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen – Vietnam travel guide

In this article:?How to get Tuy Hoa?|?Hotels?|?Restaurants?|?Itinerary for 3 days?

10 tips for solo travellers in Vietnam

Vietnam is a charming country?you should visit at least once in a lifetime. The nature, the local people, the food. Endless possibilities, endless surprises and endless joy! However, if you especially come from Western culture and generally cold country, be prepared to get knocked out by not only the amazing but alien food, the new culture but also the heat.?In order to get the best out of this unique experience in Vietnam, here are a top 10 useful tips for you, solo-ers!

helpful experiences in vietnam for solo travellers
Helpful experiences in vietnam for solo travellers

1. Take up good diet and workout?for at least half a month?before the trip?for?best endurance. Good health, good trip. Prepare yourself for the long walk in the sun finding the best food down town!

Top things to do in Con Dao island – Vietnam for a 2-day trip

Con Dao (C?n ??o) island?is a small island of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.?Traveling to Con Dao, especially during summer time, you will get to enjoy the freshness of tropical island and the endless deep blue water. Wanna know what interesting to do there, keep on reading!

Top things to do in Con Dao island - Vietnam
Top things to do in Con Dao island – Vietnam

How to get to Con Dao island

Con Dao?is an offshore island so there’re just 2 ways to get there: by air or ship.?

Things to do in Can Tho – Vietnam. What to in Can Tho for a 2-day trip

Can Tho (C?n Th?), one of the 5 biggest cities in Vietnam,?is a rich land endowed by nature.?Visiting Can Tho,?you get to see the famous?Cai Rang floating market and enjoy hand picking fruit from?luxuriant gardens?all year round. Summer is the blooming season of all kinds of fruit in?Southern Vietnam.?

Especially, if you arrive in Can Tho on?full moon days (12th and 4th) of the lunar month, you will be joining in?Thuong Dien (L? Th??ng ?i?n)?and?Ha Dien festival (L? H? ?i?n), 2 of the 3 biggest festivals in Mekong Delta.?

To support you on a perfect trip, here are some of?my experiences, tips and top things to do in Can Tho – Vietnam. Keep reading and take some note!

Top things to do in Can Tho - Vietnam
Top things to do in Can Tho – Vietnam

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What to pack for a motorbike trip in Vietnam?

Needless to say, packing?is very important. What gear to bring and how much is enough for the entire?trip?!?It’s a mind-bending question sometimes. Reflecting on many years of ph??t-ing (“Ph??t” –?a recent surge of travelling/backpacking on private motorbikes?in Vietnam), I’m gonna share with you a lift of essential?and vital items to carry for a 3-5 days trip. Some of them might appear to be unnecessay but trust me, don’t skip them on your?long motorbike trips in Vietnam.

How to prepare necessary items for long trip by motorbike in Vietnam
What to pack for a motorbike trip in Vietnam

Travel guide: Buon Ma Thuot – the “coffee capital” of Vietnam

Buon Ma Thuot (Bu?n Ma Thu?t)?is the heart of?Dak Lak (??k L?k) province?and?Central?Highlands?(Tay Nguyên) of Vietnam.?Buon Ma Thuot was built over 1 century ago, when the French people were still in?Vietnam and built the ruling fortress in this area.?

Before becoming a city, this land was a very big village with over 50 Long Houses (Nhà Dài – a unique house of ethnic groups in Highlands), each of which is home to 30-40 people. The entire village was led by?the?chief Ama Thuot (Ama Thu?t)?who is very reputed and powerful. Therefore, the name of village, Buon Ma Thuot, was named after the chief. The word “Buon” means village in Vietnamese, so “Buon Ma Thuot” means the village of chief Ama Thuot.?

In Vietnam,?Buon Ma Thuot is very famous for?coffee?(origin of the tastiest coffee of Vietnam),?big flocks of elephant,?unique houses?of ethnic groups, as well as?majestic nature of Central Highlands.?

Buon Ma Thuot city - Vietnam travel guide
Buon Ma Thuot travel guide

In the article:?Best times to visit?|?How to get Buon Ma Thuot?|?Hotels?|?Attractions?|?Specialties?|?Itineraries?

Travel guide: Binh Ba Island – Cam Ranh Bay

Binh Ba island?(??o Bình Ba)?is a beautiful island not far from mainland, about 20 km (13 miles), located in Cam Ranh bay, Cam Binh ward – Cam Ranh city – Khanh Hoa province (60 km or 39 miles from Nha Trang and 15km or 10 miles from Cam Ranh airport).?

The island is also known under the name?Lobster island (??o T?m Hùm), because this place is famous for big and tasty lobsters.?Unlike its noisy, bustling and urbanized neighbors (Nha Trang, Mui Ne – Phan Thiet), Binh Ba’s sea?is pristine with two long and beautiful beaches.

Binh Ba island - Cam Ranh bay travel guide
Binh Ba island – Cam Ranh bay travel guide

Travelling to Binh Ba?is quite easy and convenient. Following informations will help you have a?perfect trip.

In the article:?How to get the island?|?Hotes?|?Attractions?|?Specialties?

How to get to Binh Ba island

You have to get to Cam Ranh first, then take a boat to Binh Ba island.?There’re 2 ways to get Cam Ranh.?

By plane:?

There’re many fights from Hanoi, Sai Gon to Nha Trang. You can consult the route and time of flights on websites of?VietnamAirlines?or?VietJetair.?

By bus:?

* From Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), it takes around 10 hours for a?540km (340 miles) trip.

There’re many bus firms to Cam Ranh, fares about $11 for a bed or $8?for a seat. You can consult some reputed bus firms such as:?

– Ha Linh bus.?I think this firm is best. Add: 217 Pham Ngu Lao street – 1 district – Ho Chi Minh city. Tel: +8483.920.9470

– Phuong Trang.?292 Dinh Bo Linh street – Binh Thanh – Ho Chi Minh city. Tel: +8483.8309.309

– Hanh cafe.?229 Pham Ngu Lao street – 1 district. Tel: +848.3920.5679 or +848.3837.6429

– Sinh Cafe.?246-248 De Tham street – 1 district. Tel: +848.3838.9597

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* From Hanoi.?The distance is 1400km (880 miles), which takes under 30 hours.?Fare of buses from Hanoi is about $40 to $45. Some reliable firms are:

– Hoang Long bus.?Add: Giap Bat bus station – Km 6 Giai Phong street – Hoang Mai district, Tel: +844.3664.6617 or My Dinh bus station – 20 Pham Hung – My Dinh, tel: +844.3795.1776

– Sinh Cafe (open tour).?38 Ly Nam De street – Hoan Kiem district – Hanoi. Tel:+8498.8757.689

If go by bus, you need to tell driver to drop you at?Cam Ranh post office?or?Cam Ranh bus station.?These are close to?Ba Ngoi port (c?ng Ba Ngòi)?where you will take boat to Binh Ba island. There’s only one trip from mainland to the island at 10a.m everyday, and 2 trip back from island to mainland at 5a.m and 12a.m.?

Binh Ba isalnd travel guide
Residential area Binh Ba island

Hotels and motels on Binh Ba island

There are not so many choice, and no luxury hotels on Binh Ba island too.?Here are a few recommendations:

1. Mrs. Dung’s motel,?tel +84972.332.202, about $4/night, and $4/meal.?

2. Mrs. Tuyen’s motel,?+84914.493.793, cool and spacious motel, comparable to Mrs. Dung’s motel. Additionally, you can buy seafood (lobster, snail,…) to eat in hotel with affordable price.?

3. For homestay,?you can contact Mr. Tu +8494.2016.958, who offers spacious, clean and comfortable house, close to market and beaches, suitable for big group of 20 people.?

bai nom beach on Binh Ba island vietnam
Nom beach (b?i N?m)

Where to visit and play on Binh Ba island

You are advised to spend 2 days for the attractive sites and interesting activities on Binh Ba:?

1. Nom beach (b?i N?m)?is a sandy beach with clean and blue water. Most of locals and tourists choose this place to entertain.?

2. Chuong beach (b?i Ch??ng)?has many rock and reef, more for sightseeing and seafood.

Besides Nom and Chuong beaches, if you can rent a boat to visit other distant beaches then very amazing.?

3. Historic sites?from wartime (over 1 century ago) such as blockhouses, cannon, tunnel through mountain,…

Several interesting activities?that you can’t miss:?

Diving in Binh Ba island cam ranh bay
Diving in Binh Ba

4. Get up early to watch sunrise,?as Binh Ba is among the first place in Vietnam to welcome sunrise. Not a bad idea!

5. Fishing and squidding. You can contact boat owners to enjoy this service. Fishing is usually in the early morning while squidding is at night.?

6. Diving to watch reef.?If you don’t have much time, you can dive at?Nha Cu beach?(b?i Nhà C? – on the island).

7. Travelling around island.?You can rent a motorbike to take a tour around island, visit historic sites from wartime, go to the peak of hill to have the entire island in your view and a part of Cam Ranh bay.?

8. Catch Cong (Còng?– a kind of crab) in the evening.?There’re many Cong on Binh Ba beaches. When the night falls, you will hold a lamp, find and chase after?them, very interesting. What’s even more interesting is when you get to fry and try them!

Tour guide service on Binh Ba?island

You can contact Mr. Quy?+8493.2536.997 (or +8497.2000.784) or Mr. Hau?+84123.3157.654 (owner of a fish boat) for a guide and information on the island.?

Lobster - The most famous specialty of Binh Ba island
Lobster – The most famous specialty of Binh Ba island

Specialties of Binh Ba island

Don’t miss Binh Ba’s?lobster (t?m hùm), which is fresh for 30%-60% cheaper than restaurants on mainland.?There’re 2 types of lobster: alive and dead. Alive lobster is from $70-$90. Dead lobster is from $20-$30, which is also still very fresh and tasty coz they only just die anyway.

Additionally, there’re many fresh seafood on the island: many kinds of fish and snail, squid,?sea ??urchin. Indulge yourself generously!

Top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter in a day

Hanoi Old Quarter (Ph? c? Hà N?i),?the oldest area of Hanoi, has been existing for hundreds of years, undergoing many vicissitudes of history. Old Quarter?includes 36 streets which Hanoian proudly call?“Hà N?i 36 ph? ph??ng” or 36 Streets?.

I still remember the first time I wandered in the Old Quarter, I got lost and had to take a taxi out.?36 Streets, they’re too similar, like a big maze, and so difficult to?distinguish if you visit just a few times. For now, I still enjoy strolling around the Old Quarter in my free?times. In this article, I’m going to share with you my experiences, tips and top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter for a day trip.

Top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter for day trip
Top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter for day trip

In the article:?Where is Hanoi Old Quarter?|?Highlights?|?Hotels?|?Itinerary for 1 day?

Where is Hanoi Old Quarter?

The majority of Old Quarter?are in?Hoan Kiem district, west and north of Hoan Kiem lake, home to 36 Streets and a huge number of people. The names of the streets in the quarter are very unique, most of them have “Hang” (Hàng – store) at the beginning, because ?long ago (hundreds of years ago), each street focus on selling a distinctive item, and people named the street according to the item that’s sold.?

Hoan Kiem lake in Hanoi Vietnam
Hoan Kiem lake

Highlights in the Old Quarter

The Old Quarter area is very large and has many sites to visit, but if you have only one day here, consider checkin out these places.

1. Dong Xuan market (ch? ??ng Xuan)?is one of oldest and most famous markets ?in Hanoi. The market is very bustling with a lot of goods, most of them are wholesale, price is more expensive if retailing. Come here to learn more about the frantic trading scene, so typical of Hanoi.?

2. O Quan Chuong (? Quan Ch??ng)?is a short street (75m, 250ft) with ancient gate remaining after war from over a century ago.?

3. Dong Xuan alley?(ng? ??ng Xuan)?is where you can enjoy most of street foods of Hanoi as Pho (ph?), Bun cha (bún ch?), Bun dau (bún ??u),… or snacks like chè, tofu (tào ph?),… These dishes are priced from $1,3, snacks are from $0.8.?

4. Bach Ma temple (??n B?ch M? – white horse temple), was built from Ly dynasty (about over 1000 years ago),?is one of 4 sacred sites of the old Thang Long capital.?

5. Ancient house at 87 Ma May street?was built from early 20th century. The house preserves many?cultural and architectural values of ancient Hanoi.?

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The ancient house at 87 Ma May street
The ancient house at 87 Ma May street

6. Lemon-tea, a super-popular drink in Hanoi that?permeates?Old Quarter (and Hanoi). Youngsters often gathers for lemon-tea?in the evening. Go to?Hoan Kiem lakeshore, Cathedral?(near the lake) or?Cho Gao street?(ph? Ch? G?o) to enjoy the?bustling atmosphere of Hanoi.?

7. Ta Hien street, also the beer corner where locals and tourists love to go for a beer on the street; where the ancient and modern meet.?

8. ? mai H?ng Lam,?a kind of jam, famous specialty of Hanoi made from many kinds of fruits. Among many similar shops on that very street, you are advised to shop at H?ng Lam,?11 Hang Duong street?(ph? Hàng ???ng). ? Mai S?u ( relatively translate to Crocodile fruit) is highly recommended (I love it most and have been a fan of this brand for years), could be a very good choice for souvenir and gift.?

9. Snails and shells on Dinh Liet street?is sold from 4.30pm. The place-to-go for this kind of food!

10. Bun cha – You must not forget to try this dish. To me, Hanoi Pho is second to?this one. It is addictive, especially on Hang Buom?or Hang Than?(at $1.5). Don’t even try expensive fancy restaurant (not even as good), stop for ones whose enticing smoky haze from the grilling is visible and touches your nose from far away. It is mesmerizing.?

Top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter for day trip
O Quan Chuong gate

Hotels in (or near) Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter?is the heart of Hanoi’s culture, commerce and tourism, hence packed with a variety of accomodation choices, from motels to 5-star hotels.?Go for?Hang Be (Hàng Bè), Ma May (M? May), Thuoc Bac (Thu?c B?c), Hang Ma (Hàng M?), Hang Bac (Hang B?c).?These streets have many hotels for good prices.

Itinerary exploring Old Quarter for 1 day

7.30am. Leave (walk, by taxi or cyclo) for ?Dong Xuan alley?on?Hang Chieu street?(ph? Hàng Chi?u). to have breakfast with Pho, bun cha, bun rieu, etc.

8.30am.?Visit?Dong Xuan market?right besides, stroll around the market.

9am.?Keep walking to?O Quan Chuong,?take photos with the only remaining ancient gate of Hanoi.

9.30am.?Head for?Bach Ma temple.?Remember to avoid short, sexy or too exposed clothes.?

10.15am.?Get to?the ancient house at 87 Ma May street?($0,5/entrance ticket). If?it’s already 12 p.m when you’re done with the house, you can go to?Hang Buom street? nearby to?eat Bun Cha for lunch, or visit Nola cafe, very close to the house (in a alley), to have a rest. This cafe has a very impressive decor.?

11am.?Visit?Kim Ngan temple at 42 Hang Bac street?(ph? Hàng B?c – Silver Store street), where worship the ancestor of jeweler.?

12am.?Have lunch at?Bun dau restaurant on Phat Loc alley?(ng? Ph?t L?c). Note, the Bun dau is authentically dipped in?mam tom (m?m t?m – shrimp sauce), a super-smelly sauce even to locals. ?If you can’t eat shrimp sauce, you can totally eat with fish sauce, which I do all the time. Still tasty as much. Don’t forget to order Cha Com (ch? c?m – a very tasty dish eaten Bun Dau).?

You can also eat Bun Cha in other restaurants (on Phat Loc alley, near Hang Mam street).

Bun Cha - Top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter for day trip
Bun Cha – Top things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter in a day

1pm.?After lunch, you can rest in?Shot cafe at 60 Phat Loc. The cafe has airy space and beautiful decor.?

2pm.?Keep going to?Hoan Kiem lake?and?Ngoc Son temple (??n Ng?c S?n).?

3pm.?If you want to watch?Water Puppet,?you can buy ticket at?Thang Long water puppet?nearby Ngoc Son temple.?

4pm.?Wander to buy souvenirs, eat snail in?Dinh Liet street?or?drink beer in Ta Hien.?

7pm.?Eat?Cha Ca (widely translated to Fish cake) at Thang Long fish cake – 21 Duong Thanh street (ph? ???ng Thành).

8pm.?Stroll on streets. Hanoi at night is even more beautiful when social life starts moving and importantly the cool breeze evokes a lovely delight. If you travel on weekend, you can visit?Night Market (Ch? ?êm) on Hang Ngang (Hàng Ngang) and Hang Dao street (ph? Hàng ?ào), or drink a cup of?coffee or?lemon-tea?on the lakeshore, Cathedral or Cho Gao street (ph? Ch? G?o).?

Ngoc Son temple Hanoi Vietnam
The way into Ngoc Son temple

Tip:?If get lost in Old Quarter?(which I am almost so certain you will), use Google Map or get a taxi. Of course you can ask locals but it will end up really hard to follow for you don’t clearly understand the language.?

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What to do in Can Gio for a one-day trip?

C?n Gi??is a coastal district of Ho Chi Minh city, 50 km (32 miles) form the city center.?Can Gio tourism?is famous for its intact mangroves and pristine beaches without many rather-touristy services.?Also, the seafood here is cheaper than in?Vung Tau?(a more popular beach near Ho Chi Minh city). Though the sea is not crystal blue due to the water outflux from?mangrove but not too bad to jump in. Ideal for a one-day getaway weekend!

Things to do in Can Gio island - Ho Chi Minh city
Things to do in Can Gio island – Ho Chi Minh city

In the article:?How to get Can Gio?|?Attractions?|?Hotels?|?Day trip itinerary?|?Combine travelling Vung Tau?