Travel guide: Ha Tien, Vietnam – Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days

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Ha Tien (Hà Tiên)?is a border town (close to Cambodia) of Kien Giang province. Ha Tien is famous for Mui Nai beach and historical stories about?Khai Tran Quoc Cong Mac Cuu,?who explored?Ha Tien land?400 years ago. From Ha Tien, you can get to?Phu Quoc,?combine travelling to many places in Kien Giang, Rach Gia city or Nam Du island.?

In this article, I’m going to provide the informations and experiences to help you have?an overview about?Ha Tien tourism.

In the articles:?How to get to Ha Tien?|?Get to Phu Quoc from Ha Tien?|?Hotels?|?Attractions?|?Itinerary for 2 days?|?Specialties?

Ha Tien Vietnam travel guide - Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days
Ha Tien Vietnam travel guide – Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days

How to get to Ha Tien

Ha Tien is quite far away from Ho Chi Minh city, over 300km (200miles). Buses will take you about 7 hour for about $10. You should pick Kumho bus, it go straight to Ha Tien. If you pick Phuong Trang, Mai Linh many others buses, you will get taken to Rach Gia city, from there, you have to buy ticket to keep going to Ha Tien.?

– Kumho bus?at?395 Kinh Duong Vuong – An Lac Ward – Binh Tan district – Ho Chi Minh City?(Mien Tay (Western) bus station). Tel: +848.3877.6594

– Mai Linh at?Mien Tay bus station.?

– Phuong Trang?at Mien Tay bus station, tel: +8483.8309.309?

Renting motorbikes in Ha Tien

Motorbike is the easiest way of moving in Ha Tien (as well as Vietnam). You can ask from motortaxis drivers (“xe ?m” which literally means?hugged taxi) at Ha Tien bus station, or ask your hotel. It is about $8/day/motorbike.

Mui Nai beach in Ha Tien Vietnam
Mui Nai beach

Get to Phu Quoc from Ha Tien

Many tourists usually combine Ha Tien and Phu Quoc, a beautiful island nearby. To?get to Phu Quoc from Ha Tien, you can choose:?

– Thach Thoi ferry, take nearly 3 hours?for $9/ticket. The ferry can?carry?vehicles.?

– High-speed ship:

+ Superdong, a bit more expensive and a bit?higher quality. There’re 2 trips/day from Ha Tien, at 7.45am and 12am, take about 2 hours to arrive at?$12/adult and $8/child.

+ Hong Tam 1 and 2 ?leave?from?Ha Tien dock, and take less than 2 hours to arrive?in Ham Ninh port.

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Da Dung mountain in Ha Tien Vietnam
Way up Da Dung mountain

Hotels and motels in Ha Tien

When you arrive at Ha Tien bus station, like other places, don’t take recommendation from cabs or motortaxis because their prices are much higher. Go explore yourselves and here is my recommendation:

1. Anh Van 3-star hotel?near To Chau bridge, price of a double room is about $10. Add: 14 – Road no.2 – Binh San ward – Ha Tien. Tel:?+8477.3959.222 or +8477.3959.333

2. Hai Phuong hotel, prices from $25, nice room and comfortable. Add: 52 Dang Thuy Tram street, tel: +8477.3852.240 or +84984.191.344

3. Buu Dien hotel?(Post office hotel) is spacious, comfortable and quite cheap, about $8/room. Tel: +84773.850.432

4. My Lan hotel,?add: Bai Gieng, Binh An, Kien Luong. Tel:?+8477.3759.044. Prices from $9 to $13/room.?

5. Hai Van?at 55 Lam Son street – Ha Tien. Tel:?+8477.3852.001

6. Ha Chau?at 23 Tran Cong An street. Tel:?+8477.3852.553

7. Viet Toan hotel?at 74 Chi Lang street – Ha Tien. +8477.3850.104 or?+8477.3951.208 or +8416.7738.3609

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Thach Dong mountain in Ha Tien Vietnam
Tien Son pagoda on Thach Dong mountain

Main attractions in Ha Tien

1. Mui Nai beach,?a?pristine peaceful beach for lazing, swimming and enjoying saefoods.

2. Thach Dong?is a stone moutain, 80m (260ft high) standing alone in the middle of a vast plain. On the mountain, there’s a high and large cave with many?strange stalactites and a entire sacred and ancient Tien Son pagoda inside.

3. Da Dung mountain?is nearly 100m (330ft) high, 6km (4 miles) from Ha Tien town. The mountain has many caves and pagodas of Cham ethnic group.?

Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days

Day 1

Morning,?rent a motorbike to visit?Thach Dong mountain?(Th?ch ??ng),?Da Dung mountain?(núi ?á D?ng) and stop at?Mui Nai beach?(bi?n M?i Nai) for a nice swim and have Ha Tien seafoods.?

Afternoon,?head to?Nui Den?moutain?(núi ?èn), then?Chua Hang pagoda?(chùa Hang), whose beautiful landscape will not waste your effort.

Evening, stroll around the town, visit night market (near tourist dock) for souvenirs and specialties.

specialties in Ha Tien Vietnam
Baked Coi Bien Mai (meat of an oyster)

Day 2

You can rent a xe l?i (a bicycle-dragged carriage) to visit main attractions in town such as: Phu Dung pagoda, Lo Gach pagoda, Mac Cuu mausoleum,?4-top coconut tree. It takes about?$3 to $6/vehicle, depending on the number of sites you want to visit.?

You can also cross the border gate to Cambodia, but there’s nothing special really, just casinos. If you want to try, remember to prepare passport in advance.?

What to eat in Ha Tien

Ha Tien?has many specialties as: Ca xiu (Cà x?u – a must-eat in Ha Tien), snail, oyster, spidercrab-bread soup, raw herring, or fish noodle at Ha Tien market and street foot stalls.

specialties in Ha Tien Vietnam
Ca xiu – a specialty in Ha Tien

My favorite restaurant is?Hien rice (c?m Hi?n)?near the market. From To Chau bridge into Ha Tien town, Hien rice is located on the left side. Tasty food, nice services and goos price.?

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Travel guide: Ha Tien, Vietnam – Things to do in Ha Tien for 2 days
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